A Secure Children's Home for Young People

Services Provided

Individually tailored psychological and / or psychiatric input via the unit's in-house service provided in partnership with St Andrew's Healthcare (itself a leading national provider of mental health services for adolescents). Other health care support is available via nursing staff and a medical officer (general practitioner) including access to a range of specialist services regarding alcohol and drug use, sexual exploitation and self harming..

A secure environment providing a therapeutic mileu including care, education and therapy in a consistent and predictable environment.  Age appropriate behaviours are actively promoted and young women are encouraged to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

Behaviour management in an environment in which young women are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and its consequences reflect upon the range of difficulties presented in order to determine future options. This includes work to assist young women to move to less intrusive placements within a planned timescale and thereafter achieve social inclusion through making positive life choices (particularly in relation to health, education, leisure, family and appropriate / safe social relationships).

Partnership working with parents, placing authorities and others, to provide a substitute parenting experience which meets individual need and allows each young person to mature and develop their personal identity.

A range of assessment, review and evaluation activities regarding the identification of need, care planning and the management of risk take place. This includes a full educational / school programme to GCSE level which is broad and balanced and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. Support / counselling from an experienced staff team delivering group and individual programmes of work are provided on a range of issues including:-  

  • Work with young women at risk of, or who have been sexually exploited
  • Sexuality issues
  • Relationships work
  • Personal empowerment
  • Bullying
  • Anger management
  • Personal responsibility programmes
  • Life story work
  • Managing family contact
  • Building self esteem

Young women also enjoy access to a range of media which recognises diversity and supports cultural and faith needs

Young women leaving Clare Lodge are assisted to move via transition plans which provide support leading to the change of placement and by arrangement thereafter.