Clare Lodge believes that education is a fundamental right for every young woman placed. Setting a good foundation through education is one of the most important contributions the Service can make to a young woman's future and is of major importance if they are to pursue their aspirations, escape poverty and disaffection.

For many, Clare Lodge provides a first positive education experience. The ethos of the school is to build on this and give students a sense of being successful and valued, and provide them with as many opportunities to experience success as possible. All young women make substantial progress educationally at Clare Lodge and take these experiences forward into new school settings and continue to enjoy success and achievement.

Many of our young women have rejected education in the past and are apprehensive about re-entering the classroom. We recognise that many of our young women lack the skills and confidence to engage in education and that they require a great deal of support and encouragement. Attendance at school is not optional, although we may offer a more flexible timetable to young women over school leaving age.

All young women take part in baseline assessments soon after their arrival with their needs highlighted in Individual Education Plans (IEP), As soon as their assessment is complete, the young person will be offered support and, where indicated, individual tuition in literacy or other subject areas according to need and interest.  All staff will be aware of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and targets for each individual and will ensure that all tasks are presented to suit a range of learning styles and adapted to individuals where appropriate.

Together the teaching team operate a full-time six-term academic year in a stable and consistent purpose built environment. Teaching groups comprise of up to four young women taught by a teacher, and supported by a teaching assistant. We are well-equipped with networked ICT facilities in the main teaching rooms, specialist facilities for science, food technology, art, a multi-fitness gym suite and a library.

We monitor the progress of each young woman on a weekly basis. Each young woman has a personal tutor who meets with them weekly to discuss their current and prospective education and training and to review their progress and Personalised Learning Plan. We also have regular ‘celebration’ assemblies to recognise all successes.

We follow the National Curriculum, as far as possible, differentiated to meet the needs of the individual. Specialist teachers are brought in as necessary to take some lessons (e.g. fitness instructors, beauty therapy, performing arts, etc) which maintain breadth and interest in the curriculum. 

We have recently been awarded the Silver Arts Mark award for our work in Art and Expressive Arts, as well as gaining the Basic Skills quality mark this year, for a third time.

Flexibility is the key to our education. Although we operate within the National Curriculum, we recognise individual needs and interests and will strive to adapt to meet those needs. We engage with the young women at their level and in whichever subjects they are anticipating taking to examination and help them to maintain the momentum in their studies.  

We offer accreditation and qualifications at a range of levels: from Entry Levels 1,2,3 to Functional Skills, ALAN tests, Basic skills, ASDAN, BTEC’s GCSE’s and even 'A’ Level if required. We are embracing the 14 – 19 Curriculum and offer Functional Skills and BTEC’s within the Foundation Learning Tier. We are very keen to ensure that whatever successes our young women have enjoyed whilst with us, can be taken with them and transferred onto their next educational setting. To this end, transition arrangements always include detailed information.

Homework is given during term time and completed at times set aside for this purpose during the early evening. Young women often elect to spend additional time in private study on subjects of their choice.

We work with the Connexions Service to offer career advice and information. Work Experience placements are also available if applicable.