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For placement requests/enquiries or referrals

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Tel: 01962 846 432

Alternatively you can download a referral form via


Young women placed at Clare Lodge must meet criteria specified within Section 25 of the Children Act 1989. This specifies the criteria, which must be met before a young woman may be placed:-

a] [i] she has a history of absconding and is likely to abscond from any other description of accommodation; and

[ii] if she absconds, he/she is likely to suffer significant harm


b] that if she is kept in any other description of accommodation she is likely to injure herself or other persons.

If you have a young woman about to be placed at Clare Lodge please click on the downloads below to complete the contracting process, and to gain further background information.


  1. Placement Information For Young people
  2. Placement Information For Parents
  3. 72 hr authorisation letter
  4. General terms and conditions of Clare Lodge Web