Health Care

Clare Lodge takes a positive approach to each young person's health including general surveillance, health care assessments, monitoring developmental progress and the treatment of illness and accidents, including:

  • A general practitioner is available to the service to provide primary health care services
  • Care Staff are trained in administering first aid and will do so if minor problems arise
  • we access optician and dentist in the community

Similarly, visits to specialist hospital out-patients are arranged and facilitated as required.

Clare Lodge plays an active role in promoting all aspects of each young person's health including education on issues such as alcohol, substance abuse, drug use, sex, relationships education and health needs. Young people also have access to psychological and psychiatric input as required. Staff keep parents and those with parental responsibility informed at all times of changes in each young persons's health.

Clare Lodge works in collaboration with CPFT who have an onsite health team. Through this arrangement the service has access to a consultant psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and assistant psychologist and physical and mental health nurses. The role includes providing assessments and therapeutic input in accordance with need, clinical supervision. They input into staff learning and support strategies including the development of integrated and seamless care, the development / administering of screening tools and key work programmes.

We use the theraputic model of the ARC framework - Attachment, Regualation, and competency (Blaustein and Kinniburgh). We use a formulation based approach and hold planning/formulation meeting early on in the young persons stay so all professionals working with the young person can have a better understanding of the young persons experiences and what they may need support with to develop a care plan.